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04.06.2014 最新消息 The continuous growth of the HKG owes to the staunch support and active involvement of different sectors of the community. For those who are interested in sponsoring the HKG and local sports development, please visit Sponsorship Programme for more details.
19.05.2014 The Press Conference of the 5th Hong Kong Games held on 19 May.

Athlete selection in the 18 districts will begin in June this year. Members of the public and sport enthusiasts are encouraged to participate actively. Details about the athlete selection are available at the Schedule of District Selection.

"Mini Hong Kong Games" has begun.

Enrolment of Elite Athletes' Demonstration and Exchange Programmes to be started from 3 June.
The 5th Hong Kong Games
The 5th Hong Kong Games
Download Hong Kong Games Theme Song & Ring Tone
Download Hong Kong Games Theme Song & Ring Tone
Mini Hong Kong Games
Mini Hong Kong Games
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