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The First Hong Kong Games
Structure of the 1st Hong Kong Games Organising Committee
Introduction of the Hong Kong Games
Participating Units' Points to Note
The 1st Hong Kong Games Activities Timetable
List of Delegation Members for District
Details of Competition Events
Scoring System for Selecting the Overall Champion
Make a Guess & Cast a Vote Activities
Cheering Team Competition
Results of Competitions
Medal Tally
Photo Gallery
Leisure Services
Introduction of the Hong Kong Games

The Hong Kong Games (the Games) made its debut in 2007. Since then, this newly introduced local multi-sports event would be held biennially for participation by the 18 districts. The objectives of the Games are to provide districts with more opportunities for sports participation, exchanges and co-operation with a view to facilitating communication and promoting friendship among the 18 districts. Moreover, the Games will help develop closer partnership among all stakeholders, enhance community cohesion, further promote the culture of "Sports for All" and raise the local sports standard.

There were four sports competitions in the 1st Hong Kong Games, including athletics, table tennis, badminton and basketball. Each district council fielded its best athletes to participate in the individual and team events and prizes were awarded to the overall champion, the 1st runner-up and the 2nd runner-up of the competition for each sports item above. Moreover, the overall champion of the 1st Hong Kong Games was awarded to the district accumulating the highest total points from the four competitions. A grand opening ceremony and a closing ceremony were held successfully in April and May 2007 respectively making the Games a significant event.

From March to April 2007, elite athletes from respective National Sports Associations were invited to demonstrate their skills and share their experience of participating in competitions with participants of the 18 Districts. This served to help athletes gearing up for the Games and boosting their confidence. Furthermore, activities including 「Making a Guess at the Overall Champion of the 1st Hong Kong Games」 and 「Casting a Vote for My Favourite Sporty District」 were organised to encourage participation by the whole community.

In order to encourage the public to involve actively in the Games and strengthen their sense of belonging to the district they live in, "Cheering Team Competition for the 18 Districts" was held and the cheering teams with the best performances and best reflected the local characteristics of the districts they represented were awarded the prizes of the champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up during the closing ceremony.

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