Age Group:
  1. Aged 18 or above (Group A)
  2. Aged 16 to 17 (Group B)
  3. Aged 15 or below (Group C)

Individual Events for Group A, B and C
(5 events in total for each group)

Men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles,
women's doubles and mixed doubles.


Individual Events
Each district may nominate a maximum of 2 athletes/2 pairs of athletes per event.

Each district may nominate a maximum of 48 athletes, 864 athletes in total.


Individual Events

  • The events are divided into three age groups;
  • A single knock-out system will be adopted ;
  • Top 8 athletes/pairs of athletes with the total/average highest ranking on the Hong Kong National Singles Ranking Lists of the Hong Kong, China Tennis Association will be named as the seeded athletes (the ranking of youth and junior players will not be counted) (only 4 athletes/pairs of athletes will be named as seeded athletes if there are 17 to 32 athletes/pairs of athletes participating in an event) ;
  • Seeded athletes shall be placed into designated groups. The remaining athletes will then be placed into groups by drawing lots.