To promote "Sport for All", three sets of "Hong Kong Games(HKG) Fitness Exercise", including "Exercises for Parents and Children", "Exercises for All" and "Exercises to Stay in Shape" are designed for participation by different groups and people with different physical abilities using the HKG theme song as background music. HKG sports Ambassadors and elite athletes are engaged in the production of demonstration videos with HKG Mascot, "Cheering Larry". Let's get up and move!

Health and Safety Notes:
  • Consider your personal health and physical condition before engaging in physical activity.
  • Keep in mind the three key principles when doing exercise, i.e. "Safety First", "Exercise according to Ability" and "Gradually and Steadily Increase Exercise Intensity".
  • Consult professional coach for further exercise recommendations.
  • If you feel unwell when doing exercise, you should slow down or take a rest. If the feeling persists, you should seek medical attention for safety sake.
Points to note during the pandemic:

During the pandemic, please comply with the prevailing legal requirements and adopt anti-pandemic measures in light of the development of the pandemic.


We would like to thank the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China for their support in the design of the HKG Fitness Exercise.